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  • USBFlashLaptop

    How Does A Flash Drive Work? SalvageData’s Quick Technology Overview

    In spite of the relatively small storage capacities, they offer (up to 1TB maximum against 16TB that can be found in latest SSDs), somewhat low read-and-write speeds and, after all, continuously developing market of competitive storage devices, in 2020 flash drives remain an incredibly common way to store files. Which is no wonder: removable, rewritable, […]

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    How to Restore Deleted Files: 3 Safe DIY Methods

    Before proceeding directly to the restoration of erased data, it is important to figure out how the deletion itself happens. Whenever you trash digital files or even remove them permanently via Shift+Delete combination, it doesn’t immediately erase them from your computer. Instead, the system hides the data by removing its file directory and marks the […]

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    SSD vs HDD

    How Hard Drives Still Compete With SSDs

    Long story short: according to the recent International Data Corporation’s research called “The Data Age 2025“, the global amount of stored digital information will reach 163 zettabytes by 2025. And even more mind-boggling than that is when you compare it to 2016, when that figure was only 16 zettabytes.   Of course, those zettabytes have […]

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    data corruption

    How Files Become Corrupted, And How You Can Protect Your Data

    Corrupted file — damaged, unreadable, or the one refusing to open properly — is what nearly all of us had encountered in our user experience. And if before even a system reboot couldn’t always handle this type of problem, today we work with machines that are taught to find and correct errors on their own. […]

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    MSP Expo 2020 Announcement

    One of the most anticipated events — Managed Service Provider Expo — breaks into 2020 with largest and most extensive annual national trade show, the main purpose of which is to provide the opportunity to explore the latest innovations and business practices and connect vendors and resellers in the office technology space. MSP Expo is […]

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    ransomware attack

    Ransomware Attack Guide: How to Prevent And Recover After

    The value of digital data has been continuously increasing over the last years — and so does the art of hacking: in contrast to attacking systems at random that intruders used to resort to before, today their methods develop and improve into tools which are much more sophisticated and targeted. According to the latest report […]

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    How Data Gets Lost from The Cloud: Security is Questioned

    How Data Gets Lost from The Cloud: Security is Questioned

    Since cloud technology was invented in the 2010s, it became an actual game-changer to the field of data custody. Holding valuable information in the cloud now represents a truly advantageous option for it is offering a numerous range of benefits, such as affordable prices, higher flexibility, automatic software updates, remote management and much more. Organizations […]

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