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  • raid storage

    DAS, NAS, or SAN: How to Determine What Storage System to Use in a RAID?

    From the photographs being stored on our personal computers, documents, files, and various archives to business assets and huge databases of megacorporations — the total amount of data created each day reaches 2.5 quintillion bytes. Along with this, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are now more people than ever before working from home, which […]

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    Hard Drive Beeping

    Why Is Your Hard Drive Beeping?

    Whereas hard drives are normally nearly silent, sometimes they may emit a muffled clicking sound when being accessed or turned off. And this is totally normal. What, however, doesn’t apply to the normal hard drive operation, is distinct and unusual noises. Clicking, grinding, rattling, or beeping sounds coming from your device are a sure-fire indicator […]

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    Data Recovery Service

    Most Common Hardware Failures: Diagnosing by Noise

    In spite of the fast-paced world of technology being constantly improved and every now and then supplied with new methods of gathering, operating, and storing information — from refined solid-state drives and helium storage devices of today to DNA memory and quantum computing we’re about to see in the future, — everlasting hardware is yet […]

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    data security

    Data Security Tips: 8 Proven Ways to Protect Your Privacy on Mac Dev

    Protecting Your Data As our devices these days are in charge of holding large amounts of sensitive information, data security has become a priority issue that’s certainly worth going into details on. The majority of computer users today tend to believe relying entirely on antivirus is enough to have their sensitive information protected. In fact, […]

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