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  • SSD Failures

    SSD Failures: Common Causes And Main Symptom

    You don’t need to be well versed in the latest technological discoveries or have a thorough understanding of all the intricacies of your computer’s design — a superficial knowledge of each of the technologies will be enough to grasp why solid-state drives are increasingly bypassing traditional HDDs in popularity. Unlike conventional hard disk drives, which […]

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    Error Message: How to Fix Windows Detected a Hard Disk Problem in 2020?

    How to Fix Windows Detected a Hard Disk Problem in 2021?

    “Since I turned on my computer this morning, the Windows detected a hard disk problem error continues to appear on the screen and prompts me to start the backup process. How do I solve the issue?” — while сomputer forums are full of messages like this, the problem itself has been bothering many Windows users […]

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    How To Choose The Best NAS

    How to Choose the Ideal NAS System for Your Needs?

    When Benjamin Franklin said, “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes,” he actually should’ve added hard drive crashes and running out of disk space. Luckily, while we’re stuck with death and taxes, there is a way to fix the storage problem. Networked storage has moved from enterprise to […]

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    QNAP - NAS Recovery

    6 Best QNAP NAS Options of 2020

    There are plenty of articles on the Internet telling about the main characteristics of certain storage systems. But what about those users who don’t follow the technical innovations, or, say, those who simply don’t have time to understand many of the specifications and find out how they will affect the performance or reliability of the […]

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    Drobo vs Synology

    Drobo vs Synology: What Do They Offer, And How To Choose Yours?

    Why Opt for NAS? The number of cloud storage users around the world continues to grow by leaps and bounds, and that is no surprise: space scalability, customizable access, automated backup options and convenient data sharing features are just a few of the benefits that cloud computing can offer you today — not mentioning the […]

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    SSD Failures

    SSD: How Do They Work, And How Long Can They Actually Last?

    How much data do we produce? According to the IDC’s report on the ever-growing datasphere, which was released in not-so-far 2018, the total size of the world’s collected data is expected to hit the daunting 175 zettabytes by 2025 — for a compounded annual growth rate of 61 percent. But with surging storage needs across […]

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    Clicking HDD

    Why Is Your Hard Drive Clicking?

    There are several signs of hard disk drive (HDD) failure besides the evident ones like error screen and failure to boot. While they now boast larger storage capacities, more compact sizes, and faster speeds, hard drives still have a quite fragile design, which means that the possibility of breakage or malfunction increases in proportion to […]

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