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Awards and Credentials

SALVAGEDATA Earns Top Ten Awards

The hard work performed by our award-winning customer service team is now backed by the expert service review company, Top Ten Reviews. Recently and over the past 3 years we received the Gold and Excellence awards for our data recovery expertise and dedication to our clients. We proudly accept these awards from this esteemed review company and will use them to motivate us to make our services better than ever.

Reviewed & Recognized Industry Leader

All data recovery services will claim to be the best in the industry making it can be a little confusing for those in need of real expertise to find the best source for recovering of loss data. What separates the first-class ones from the rest is verifiable credentials and based on our various certifications, testimonials, recommendations and history of success, SalvageData is undoubtedly the most qualified data recovery experts and we’re honored to have this validated by having received the top spot as the best hard drive recovery service experts, by Top Ten Reviews.

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Leading Edge Service Features

Flexibility and convenience define SalvageData’s wide range of service options. With most data recovery services, you mail your hard drive or other device to the service’s facility for diagnosis and recovery. This is an option with SalvageData, but for quicker turnaround you can also drop off the device at one of the of service’s multiple receiving locations throughout the country. They’ll package your drive and overnight it to their lab free of charge.

about quality - Top 10 Reviews
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Superb Recovery Effectiveness

Excelling in all of the criteria we set for data recovery services, SalvageData is the best hard drive recovery service in the industry. The service provides the expertise, speed and personalized attention that catastrophic data loss often requires. Moreover, its verifiable credentials ensure you get the highest level of confidentiality and superior service. No hard drive recovery service is 100% effective but this one comes close. Regardless of what type of data loss you’ve experienced, SalvageData Recovery’s combination of effective recovery and customer care make it an ideal solution to potential data loss.

Award-Winning Data Recovery

SALVAGEDATAs QMS establishes and supports our systematic approach to continual improvement, which is a natural extension of our commitment to excellence. Our quality management experts evaluate processes to improve efficiency, while also encouraging clients, staff, and other partners to offer suggestions on ways to improve our business processes.


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