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Full Size Certified Cleanrooms

World-Class ISO5 Cleanrooms

Cleanroom environments are an important and critical part of the data recovery process. During a physical recovery the cleanroom prevents media components from taking on serious damage during analysis, repair and stabilization. SALVAGEDATA understands the importance of this and has invested in maintaining a FULL-SIZE cleanroom to best protect your hard drive during the data recovery process.

Certified Actual Full Size Cleanrooms

SALVAGEDATA submits to regular cleanroom inspections and audits to ensure our cleanrooms are certified and meet or exceed the same ISO 5 Class 100, IES-RP-CC066.2, and STD-209E Federal Standards used by hard drive manufacturers. By investing in the certification of our Class 100 ISO 5 Cleanroom and other advanced tools, we continue to establish our reputation as an industry leader.

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Beyond The Standard Requirements

A majority of data recovery providers rely on inadequate portable “clean bench” enclosures. These devices have limited space and awkward configurations that dramatically restrict an engineers ability to properly diagnose, and repair a device without compromising the drives stability. So, they present significant testing limitations and unnecessary risk when working on highly unstable hard drives. At SALVAGEDATA we invest and maintain a full-size cleanroom for highly complex hard drive recovery needs.
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Safest Possible Environment

All SALVAGEDATA engineers are trained and work in control certified Cleanroom when performing hard drive and RAID data recovery and other advanced repairs. Our cleanrooms constantly test at ISO-5 Class 10 or better. We take pride in providing our clients with the safest terms in any possible way – we offer discretion and controlled access to your storage device, as well as the safest possible environment in which your media is examined and worked on.

World-Class Data Recovery Lab

At SALVAGEDATA we use custom hardware, proprietary software, and state of the art tools for our data recovery process. Our cleanliness and security requirements go above and beyond data recovery industry standards. Our goal is to ensure the secure and best possible chance for successful recovery for every case – without cutting corners.


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