ISO Certified Cleanroom Data Recovery
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ISO 5 Certified Data Recovery Cleanroom


Cleanroom environments are a must for safe data recovery to take place. During a physical recovery where the drive is opened, even the smallest solid particles contaminating a drive can render the data unrecoverable. Unfortunately, you’ll find that the market is full of misleading companies who exaggerate and misrepresent their cleanroom capabilities, and misrepresent their cleanroom capabilities, or flat out lie about having a cleanroom altogether. Fact is, as much as 95% of online outfits do NOT have a cleanroom.

SalvageData submits to regular cleanroom inspections and audits to ensure our cleanrooms are certified and meet or exceed the same ISO 5 Class 100, IES-RP-CC066.2, and STD-209E Federal Standards used by hard drive manufacturers.

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Certified Actual Full Size Cleanroom Lab

Individuals and organizations should always be mindful of the security of their data during the recovery process. SOC 3 SysTrust assurance is the highest most relevant and credible standard available in the data recovery industry.


Audited – Verified and Certified

SalvageData’s ISO Certified and SSAE 16 Type III Certified Security data recovery industry experts use only the most advanced tools and equipment when performing your hard drive recovery. Our ISO Certified Cleanrooms undergo yearly audits for certification and:

  • Electrostatic discharge Safe (ESD)
  • 10 times the industry standard cleanliness level
  • Use of ultra-low penetration air filters (ULPA)
  • Full size enclosed rooms – NOT boxes
  • contain less than 100 particles per one cubic foot

Exceeds Manufacturer Requirements

All SalvageData engineers are trained and work in control certified Cleanroom when performing hard drive and RAID data recovery and other advanced repairs. Our cleanrooms constantly test at ISO-5 Class 10 or better which is 10 times above most hard drive manufacturers own class 100 cleanrooms facilities. We take pride in providing our clients with the safest terms in any possible way – we offer discretion and controlled access to your storage device, as well as the safest possible environment in which your media is examined and worked on.

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