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BBB Accredited Service

Above and Beyond BBB Requirements

We have been registered with the Better Business Bureau as an A+ BBB accredited company for more than a decade. We have always sought to go above and beyond our commitment to serving our customers to exceed the  BBB code of practice.

Commitment to Exceptional Service

Our dedication to BBB goes beyond accreditation, we’ve designed our communication processes to create an exceptional experience. SALVAGEDATA offers a complete 24/7 online case management system. This system gives our customers the ability to check on the status of their case from start to finish.
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BBB Accredited and A+ Rated

SALVAGEDATA received the highest BBB Accredited rating, A+, which speaks volumes. The BBB score is based on transparency, trust and a superior customer service – the exact values at the core of SALVAGEDATA’s operations.
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Exceeding BBB Standards

The Better Business Bureau accreditation (BBB Accredited) carries notable weight for most businesses industries, and because we are committed delivering exceptional competitive, and best-in-class security, with quality controls, we naturally exceed the BBB’s standards. Additionally, are proud to adopt the Bureau’s high service standards into our case-by-case approach for each project to ensure the highest customer satisfaction rates results possible.
bbb image - BBB A+ Ratings

What BBB Accreditation Means to You

For our customers and staff, the BBB accreditation and A+ rating guarantees a devotion to business ethics and customer satisfaction. So – whether you are looking for work, or seeking the services we offer – our BBB accredited commendation represents the type of values we stand for.


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