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4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Disaster Recovery Plan

disaster recovery plan

58 records of data are lost every second. That can mean downtime, stress and lost revenue for many businesses in the United States.  It’s evident in today’s fast-moving IT world the importance of partnering with a data recovery partner that specializes in salvaging data for not only individual use but for businesses as well.  Today we take a look at 4 reasons your business needs a disaster recovery plan.


1.  Lost Revenue and More Expenses

Imagine losing a stockpile of key data that you use every day to run and promote your business.  Think about what it would be like to lose hundreds or even thousands of customer records with email addresses, phone numbers, previous order and more.  What would that do to your daily operations? What crippling effects would that have on revenue for the day, month or quarter?

If you’re like any other business losing those crucial records would be a massive undertaking to regain without the help of a data recovery partner.  If you work in the marketing department of your company and lose valuable audience insights in a crash then you could be wasting marketing dollars on the wrong people.  


Losing data from a hard drive or server that is pertinent to everyday operations also leads to higher expenses.  If you’re unable to successfully recover documents that you need to operate; and you have to manually re-enter that data, you’re talking about spending overtime pay for labor.  Loss revenue + higher expenses = bad data recovery plan.


2.  Customer Retention

Customers have an unlimited amount of resources at their fingertips and that means they can quickly jump ship for another provider.  If you promised your customer you’d keep track of their files for up to a year and they magically disappear during a data migration, how do you think their experience with your business was?  Not having a plan to retrieve that customer’s loss data can lead to low retention rates among your core audience.


3.  One IT Manager Can Only Do So Much

IT managers with years of experience are often able to handle most minor problems on your small business encounters on a daily basis.  But, how much can one man or woman truly handle in an emergency situation? Small and medium-sized businesses that do have the luxury of having an on-site IT manager still should be prepared for the worst.


IT managers still need to take a day off here and there, and when their not around it’s important your company knows where to go in critical situations.  Minutes matter for all eCommerce sites and can lead to devasting losses when your IT manager isn’t around. It’s important to consider having a 24-hour data recovery team that you can count on in extreme circumstances.  Knowing your business can rely on certified recovery specialists will ease the stress on your IT manager. 


4.  Mother Nature 

An often overlooked recipe for disaster can be mother natureFlash floods, fires, hurricanes and more can leave your business open to take a major hit.  Some businesses might store their servers and hard drives in the basement where they’re are highly susceptible to water damage during flash floods.  Flash floods occur so rapidly and knowing how to recover from a loss like that is pertinent to your business. Last time I checked water and electronics don’t mix very well.


Beyond flooding, there are so many other natural disasters that happen every year in the United States.  You might not be able to combat mother nature, but having a partner and service to turn to when data is in jeopardy is something you can prep for now.


Research and Act Today

It’s evident browsing the internet how many threats businesses and individuals face on a daily basis when it comes to their data.  As a business owner, you can’t just sit around and wait to react. It is vital to your company to research a provider today that can service your needs in times when storage devices fail.  Start today by assessing where your company stands when it comes to data recovery disasters.


Written By: Matt Fey, Marketing Manager at PrintingCenterUSA