Scammers Are Using Copycat Fortnite Apps to Spread Malware

Fortnite has become one of the most popular games in the world. And with that attention, many hackers are hoping to cash in. Wired recently found there are websites advertising Fortnite, however; when you go to download it, […]

2018-11-18T00:10:36+00:00 21 Aug 2018|

What is Email Spoofing and How Can I Stop It From Happening to Me?

You’re checking your email like you normally do when you receive a strange message from your friend or loved one. The message usually implies that you’ve been hacked. Naturally, your first thought might be to panic. After all, […]

2018-11-18T00:10:36+00:00 13 Aug 2018|

How Public School Websites Capture Student Data and Ways to Stop It

A large part of protecting data is minimizing who has access to it. You might already know that when we visit websites it contains tracking software, which uses scripts to embed computer code onto your browser. In turn, […]

2018-11-18T00:10:36+00:00 7 Aug 2018|