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A customer is the most important visitor on our premises.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi was not a management guru, but his advice on the importance of the customer is something that all managers should heed. When customers do not deal with a […]

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How to Know A Data Recovery Provider Is Trustworthy

How to Know A Data Recovery Provider Is Trustworthy?

“Trust, but verify.”

– Ronald Reagan

Choosing a data recovery service provider is a monumental decision. And like any tough decision, it should be made only after careful consideration. Like President Reagan, who refused […]

2018-11-17T23:14:21+00:00 12 Jul 2012|

Data Recovery in Demand

Before there were automobiles, there were no car mechanics. Before there were televisions, there were no TV repairmen. Similarly, before there were hard disks, there was no demand for hard disk recovery services. Extending that logic, greater the number of […]

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