The common disposition towards hard drives tends to be much like that of the human body – unless there is a problem, we hardly think about it. Similarly we store all our important, valuable and confidential data on hard drives and seldom given a thought that there could be a disaster situation of a hard drive crash. Since repairing a  crashed hard drive is not an easy task, it would require the services of expert data recovery professionals for hard drive repair. Actually hard drive crash is not an unexpected event as many of the uninitiated seem to believe that it occurs once in aeons. We would be risking our data if we falsely remain under the illusion that our hard drive will wait for us to upgrade the system, before it decides to call it a day. It does not require much reasoning to see that hard drives contain far more recent and critical data than perhaps a floppy (which are nearly extinct these days) or even optical drives. Therefore a hard drive crash is normally much more fatal than a floppy or DVD failure.

Watch for Warning Sings to Avoid a Hard Drive Crash

It is better for us to get acquainted with the events that signal a looming hard drive crash than to be caught unawares without any premonition. Of course these signals may not always precede failure but still if you notice intermittent failures, the infamous BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), performance drops and so forth, just rest assured that something might happen soon. As they say, prevention is better than cure, so even though repairing a hard drive is always present as an option, it is better to follow some other measures before the occasion for hard drive repair arises. In case you notice unusual clicking, scraping or grinding noises, just make sure to power off the system lest all data is lost permanently without leaving you an opportunity for hard drive repair.

The Only True Protection is to Backup

One cannot but stress on the word backup, backup and backup. Although repairing a hard drive is certainly a useful process for recovering data, it may or may not be possible to recovery all data even when the hard drive repair is carried out by the best of experts. There are several reasons for this possible non-recovery. Hard drives are constructed out of platters spinning at thousands of RPM while read write heads perform their operations. Even seemingly minor factors such as dust particles, unnecessary movement etc can render the data irretrievable by causing damage to platters. Hence backing up your data is the only sureshot solution to avoid probability of data loss in case of hard drive crash. Backups should be taken regularly depending on the importance of the data being stored. That would ensure that even if repairing a hard drive does not yield expected results, the loss is kept to a minimal. More often than not, the value of the data stored in the hard drive far exceeds the physical cost of the device.

You should never open the cover of a failed hard disk drive in attempt to repair, salvage or recover data. Today’s hard disk drives tolerances are very tight and the materials used inside are so technologically advanced that even the smallest speck of dust, contaminants or even gaseous can disrupt the delicate balance of the drives ecosystem. Any such disruption not only destroys the drive but all the data contained on it.

Data is written on the drives by one or more read/write heads that are designed to manipulate magnetic particles on the disk surface. This read/write activity happens with the read/write heads literally flying one two-thousands the width of human hair above the platters at speeds of anywhere from 4,000 to 15,000 RPM. Our data salvaging and recovery process is conducted in a world-class 100 cleanroom environment by a world-class group of mechanical, electrical hard drive engineers using carefully researched tools and materials to safely recover and ensure the best possibility of success..

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