Conveniently Located in Los Angeles.

With an express shipping center downtown on South Grand Avenue, SalvageData makes data recovery simple. Just drop your hard drive off at our shipping office, and your drive will be overnight shipped to one of our data recovery labs. Your free evaluation will tell us exactly what caused the drive to fail, the severity, and what tools we will need to deliver a tailor fit recovery experience. When stressful data loss happens, let SalvageData make it right.

Not Your Ordinary Data Recovery Service

SalvageData is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with hard drive recovery. We develop proprietary data recovery techniques that give our clients access to exclusive capabilities that recovery data other companies deem "unrecoverable." We follow the strictest quality and security standards, ISO 9001 and SOC 3, giving our clients customer support of the highest level. Our cost-effective plans give you a data recovery service you can afford, and deliver a hard drive recovery value you can only find with SalvageData.